IWDS 2023

The 6th International Workshop on Dialog Systems

February 13 (Monday), 2023, Jeju, Korea

In conjunction with the IEEE BigComp 2023 - 10th IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing



When people look for information or find particular services, they used to put queries into search engines and choose a desired one among candidates. Although this way of human computer interaction (HCI) makes it possible to find their desired ones much efficiently than before, now they want more convenient way. Dialog system is the one, which makes people to communicate with computers through natural language or voices. The dialog system is successfully applied to various applications, such as intelligent speaker (e.g., Amazon echo, Google home) and intelligent counsellor, courtesy of great advance of machine learning techniques. It usually consists of several cascade steps (e.g., speech to text, natural language understanding), and it is necessary to find a way of improving of the steps and effectively incorporating them. We want to discuss and share the knowledge about how to solve these issues.

Theme, Purpose, and Scope

This workshop aims to create opportunities to discuss about the state-of-the-art studies, and to share on-going works. We hope that this will enhance collaboration among the researchers related to dialog systems. There are many challenging issues, such as out-of-domain detection, distant voice recognition, and end-to-end systems. We want to discuss about how to solve such issues, and share the experiences of applying the dialog system to real-world applications.

We invite submissions on topics that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Intelligent dialog systems
  • Chatbot systems
  • Speech recognition
  • Speech synthesis
  • Natural language understanding
  • Information extraction
  • Dialog management
  • Language resources and representation scheme for dialog systems

Paper Submission

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers, 4 pages, in English according to the IEEE two-column format for conference proceedings. The author list may appear in the paper, but can be omitted if the authors want to. The direct link for paper submission is below. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the Program Committee of the workshop. All accepted workshop papers will be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library as conference proceedings.

Direct link for paper submission: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iwds2023

Paper templates:

Important Dates

※ This tentative schedule may be updated.

Submission of Workshop Papers
November 25, 2022   December 9, 2022 (UTC -12)
Notification of Paper Acceptance
December 10, 2022   December 12, 2022
Camera Ready Submission
December 20, 2022
Author Registration
January 31, 2023
February 13, 2023

Organizational Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Young-Seob Jeong (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • Chae-Gyun Lim (KAIST, Korea)
  • Ho-Jin Choi (KAIST, Korea)

Program Committee

  • KyungTae Lim (Hanbat National University, Korea)
  • Jihoon Moon (Soonchunhyang University, Korea)
  • Sunjae Kwon (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
  • Han-Gyu Kim (Naver, Korea)
  • Cheoneum Park (42dot, Hyundai Motor Group, Korea)
  • Young-Jun Lee (KAIST, Korea)
  • YunSeok Choi (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
  • Kyo-Joong Oh (KAIST, Korea)
  • Jonghwan Hyeon (KAIST, Korea)
  • Zae Myung Kim (University of Minnesota, Twins Cities, USA)
  • Won-Jo Lee (SAIT, Korea)
  • Jong Myoung Kim (SK Telecom, Korea)
  • Seung-Ho Han (KAIST, Korea)
  • Dongkun Lee (KAIST, Korea)
  • Yechan Hwang (KAIST, Korea)
  • Chan-Yong Park (SK Telecom, Korea)
  • Won-Deuk Yoon (Samsung Electronics, Korea)
  • Jong-Min Park (Twinny, Korea)

Invited Talk

Conversation with Emotions


Joosung Lee
Joosung Lee


Recognizing emotions in conversation is utilized in a variety of applications. Typically, it is used for various tasks such as recommendation systems, healthcare systems, call centers, and empathy conversations. Also, knowing the other person's feelings helps you respond appropriately. If the speaker speaks with emotion, it can effectively convey an intention to the other person. Since there are clues for recognizing emotions in images or audio as well as text, many researchers pay attention to multimodal emotion recognition. Emotions can also be considered meta-information in a conversation. Therefore, combining emotions with conversations is highly relevant to knowledge- or persona-based conversations.


※ Authors have to prepare 20 min. for their presentation (including 5 min. for Q&A).

※ Participants may attend the workshop in either of online or offline.


  • Online: Zoom (Access URL was sent to all participants through e-mail.)
  • Offline: Sapphire (2nd Floor), MasonGlad Hotel, Jeju, Korea.

14:00 - 18:20, February 13 (Monday), 2023 (Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)

14:00 - 14:05
Opening & Welcoming Address
14:05 - 15:05
[Invited Talk] Conversation with Emotions
Joosung Lee
15:05 - 15:15
Coffee Break
15:15 - 15:35
Memory-based Consultation System for Personalized Conversations Using Temporal Contexts
Chae-Gyun Lim and Ho-Jin Choi
15:35 - 15:55
Extracting Time Information from Korean Documents
Seung-dong Lee and Young-Seob Jeong
15:55 - 16:15
Nearest Neighbor Search using Metric-Preserving Function for Retrieval-based Dialogue System
Jinsu Lim, Eojin Joo and Ho-Jin Choi
16:15 - 16:35
[Outstanding Paper] Deep Learning Mental Health Dialogue System
Lennart Brocki, George Dyer, Anna Gładka and Neo Christopher Chung
16:35 - 16:45
Coffee Break
16:45 - 17:05
Multilayer CARU Model for Text Summarization
Sio-Kei Im and Ka-Hou Chan
17:05 - 17:25
A Literature Review on AWS-Based Cloud Computing: A Case in South Korea
Byeongcheon Lee, Jinyeong Oh, Woojin Shon and Jihoon Moon
17:25 - 17:45
Can CLIP Share Image in Dialogue?
Young-Jun Lee and Ho-Jin Choi
17:45 - 18:05
Towards an Effective Over-The-Top Platform Service: A Machine Learning Approach for Box Office Analysis
Subeen Leem, Jisong Oh and Jihoon Moon
18:05 - 18:20
Outstanding Paper Award & Closing


All questions about submissions should be emailed to chairs Chae-Gyun Lim (rayote@kaist.ac.kr) or Young-Seob Jeong (ysjay@chungbuk.ac.kr).